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Curse of Strahd PDF Free Download 2020 [Latest Edition]

Welcome to what will be the hope of finding the right guide to using the Strahd Fund. My goal here is to provide the resources for all of us DMs to use. I will go through this book, and try to sort things out, find out which sections are confusing, and I can provide trick sheets for any scenes with multiple moving parts. You can download the Curse of Strahd PDF at the bottom.

Product details

  • Series: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Hardcover:256 pages
  • Publisher: Wizards of the Coast; Wizards RPG Team edition (March 15, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dungeons and Dragons

What is a guide to running Curse of Strahd?

Underneath the storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands bounded by the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. A loud thunderstorm overlaps the spaces of the scene. The wind chill increases as he looks towards the village of Barovia. Lightning draws in the dark, but Strahd is gone. Only the sound of the air fills the night air. The owner of Castle Ravenloft has guests for dinner – and you invited.

  • A fantasy-horror adventure of 1-10 character levels, Strahd’s Curse provides everything the Dungeon Master needs to create an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Fans of the D&D Roleplaying Game can have new additions to Ravenloft by participating in an organized D&D gaming program.
  • Available discretely: a 54-card deck by Gale Force Nine representing Tarokka Cards, used by fortune-teller Madam Eva on an adventure to unmistakably crucial aspects of the journey. Also available on GF9 is the Screen of Strahd Dungeon Master’s Screen.
  • It’s written in consultation with Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman, creators of the original Ravenloft adventure.

Wizards of the Coast produce Strahd’s insult. It’s print by Chris Perkins, edited by Kim Mohan and Jeremy Crawford, and art fixed by Kate Irwin. The adventure features content from the unique Ravenloft adventure as well as new story content created by Tracy and Laura Hickman, Chris Perkins, Adam Lee, Richard Whitters, and Jeremy Crawford.

What exactly are you getting in this book?

Here is a simple list of how to run this list. We’ll think that

the characters begin at the third level.

  1. Heavy Fog: (p. 22) The group is pulled from the procession
  2. Village: The group follows the road until they reach the town of Barovia. They meet the Sistani, who tells them to look for Mother Eve. They meet Ismark and Ireena, who want to escape they went to Vallaki where they buried their father. Strahd attacks the group in the cemetery.
  1. Madam Eva: The crow guides the group at the Tser Pool (page 36), which is on its way

Vallaki. Talk of Sistani and heroes. Madam Eva learns from her. Here are my results

  1. Vallaki: The group travels to Vallaki. They meet the feather keepers and Rictavio.

Rictavio translates to Madam Eva’s reading. Rictavio has to flee Vallaki, so he tells the party

to Van Richten’s Tower. The Tome of Strahd is there.

  1. Van Richten’s Tower: The heroes find Tome and meet Ezmerelda. Strahd attacks.
  2. Roadblock: The group travels to Krezk but not allowed. He should go and buy some wine

first in the Wizard of Wines.

  1. Wizard of Wines: The area overrun with monsters. The team needs to find a magic stone from Yester Hill. I decided not to require the team to find a gem in Berez.
  1. Yester Hill: Twig Blights, druids, and Strahd’s photo. The club finds a treasure. They can

Now get this wine, and you’ll admit to Krezk.

  1. Krezk: A group can play a large part in the pool (p. 156). Icon of

Raven most is in room 13 (page 150).

  1. Berez Ruins: This team will have to fight with Baba Lysaga and his Creative Hut

find Sounds.

  1. Invitation: When the battle is over, heroes receive the Black Carriers (page 37)

waiting for them. The wind was blowing, and the request of the castle (p. 251) stood at their feet.

The heroes come inside, and the carriage takes them to Castle Ravenloft.

  1. Castle: The heroes make their way across the castle and have a final battle with it

Strahd and his bride at his grave.

  1. Epilogue: The sun is up, and the heroes can finally go home.

How to curse of Strahd 5e pdf download free

It is effortless to can read it online or can download easily just by clicking the download button, and you are ready to learn.

Curse of Strahd PDF has reached significant retailers today, marking the second non-adventure supplement by Wizards of Coast of the 5th D&D program. The book is in pdf form, and it is free of cost and clocks in slim 224 pages with glossy paper and heavy cover. This book is full of great art, maps, mechanism, and lore – lots and lots of lots.

You can also discover Curse of Strahd PDF available via Fantasy GroundsSteam, as well as Roll20 and D&D Beyond

What Tips Do You Have For A DM Who’s About To Run The Curse of Strahd DnD campaign?

Following Curse Of Strahd Tips helpful in-game

This kind of hard drive is also more focused than others.

The party enters an area dominated by the party with high power to play with them while working to survive this time they present the real issues and build the tools they need to face each other.

You need to make the players feel powerless at first, and build on the atmosphere and characters in the various cities. At its heart, it is a socially-focused story that is condescending.

All in all, this means that you need to read a book, maybe many times, and have an NPC game plan and a story to go through. If you want a good pair of lace, use a different hardcover. Finally, this site gives a lot of insight into the story that helped me when I first ran it: Dungeons & Dragons – A Guide to Curse of Strahd PDF


Curse of Strahd PDF is one of my favourite books of the 5th genre. Strahd’s railing feels a very different feeling to a typical D&D campaign, and it’s good value for money – there’s a lot of expansion, with locations and characters already drawing gothic horror.

Teams who hate being “held hostage” will love Barovia’s sandbox environment, which is more open and connected than Out of the Abyss. It’s not just the freedom to choose which big hole to deal with first. Still, it’s freedom (and maybe a requirement, really) to wander there, and then we revisit various places. I will not choose Strahd’s Curse as a single 5E campaign that I would recommend because if someone does one thing D&D, maybe I’ll go with a regular sword and witch. But to put that speculation aside, Stretching Strahd is 5E’s best campaign book to date.

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