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The Hunger Games PDF Free Download Novel 2020 [Latest Edition]

The Hunger Games “A little Introduction” PDF

The Novel The Hunger Games PDF novel by an American writer Suzanne Collins written in 2008. Firstly, it was published on hardcover on September 14. This novel is written in the voice of Katniss Everdeen, 16- years old, the protagonist of the story. She belongs to Panem, a city in North America.

The Hunger Games is an annual event in which a boy and a girl participate from every district. This book received criticism from lots of authors. It is given credit for its brilliant plot and characters. This story has won many awards as well, like “California Young Reader Medal” and was named as the best book of the year.

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The Hunger Games “Point of view” Download PDF

The novel is explained in the first person and describes the writer’s experiences. In this novel, the storyteller is mostly objective.

Characters List in The Novel The Hunger Games PDF

Katniss Everdeen :

Katniss is the proponent character of the novel and is the female tribute of District twelve. She is a 16- years old girl and far more wise than her age. She is brilliant, and she is the bravest in her family.

PeetaMellark :

The male tribute of District 12 and the lad of a baker. He is helpful and loyal. Peeta loves Katniss more than anything. Lately, he becomes her ally during the games.

Haymitch Abernathy :

He is the coach of Katniss and Peeta. Haymitch is the only person who has won the hunger games in district 12. He is a drunk person.

Effie Trinket :

She is the escort of the tributes who belong to District 12. She is very much conscious about her career and physicality.

Gale :

One of the closest people to katniss in the story. He is the best friend of hers. Katniss has full confidence in him.

Prim Everdeen :

She is the Younger sister of Katniss. She is younger and polite to Katniss’s little sister. Prim is small and gentle, and Katniss volunteers take her place when her name is withdrawn from reaping.

Mother (Everdeen)

Everdeen, the mother of Katniss and prime. When her husband died, she assigned katniss as a family provider.

.Cinna –

Stylist of katniss and counsels her to be herself.

Madge Undersee

The daughter of Mayor and the one with which Katniss is friendly at school.

Mayor Undersee :

He is the Mayor of the district.

Venia :

Venia uses to waxes katniss before she sees Cinna.

Cato :

A boy who tribute from District 2. he works as a trainer for the Hunger Games his whole life, and he is enormous, short-tempered, and a firefighter.

Rue :

She is the female tribute to the hunger games for District 11 in The Novel The Hunger Games PDF.

Foxface :

He is the female tribute in games. She is brilliant.she died by eating poison


the boy tribute belongs to District 11. He has mercy toward Katniss because of the way Katniss treated Rue.

Glimmer :

The female tribute from District 1. She dies with the katniss’s tracker jacker.

Clove :

Tribute belongs to District 1, and fight with Katniss and nearly kills her.

  • Caesar Flickerman:
  • television host who interviews Katniss and Peeta before and after the GameClaudius Templesmith:

He is the announcer during the Hunger Games.


identSnow :

He is the president of Panem.

The Hunger Games “MAIN IDEAS THEMES “ (PDF)

In this novel, those who are living money is possessed by the elite class of society. Specifically, the wealth owned by the people of the Capitol and individual Districts. So, in a result, there is massive inequality between the lives of rich and poor.

The difference between rich and poor

This inequality is shown in the novel in different ways, but most commonly among the food. Mostly, people do not have anything to eat .The District 12 is the more victim of starvation, so Katniss went to woods to find the food for her family. The worse situation of people is also shown in the story, and most people do not know how to hunt or do not have weapons. A significant concern is the starvation of all the Districts.

Katniss later in the story, understands that Peeta’s family, which possesses a bakery and is known as one of the more well-settled in the district, they also can not afford some foods.

In opposite, when Katniss goes to the Capitol, she is a wonder by the luxurious feasts. The Katniss, for the first time, tries hot chocolate.

Moreover, In the selection system of tributes, the difference between rich and poor can be seen.

By the process of reaping, tributes are selected, but rich people do not take part in it, so mostly rich people are selected. Moreover, the praises belong to wealthy families are generally more prominent, well prepared and well-trained bearing as entertainment.

The tributes in The hunger games suffering as entertainment, and the more they compete with each other more appealing the games become. Katniss, at different stages, talks about the various points in past games and due to which they became successful or unsuccessful. The central motif is also that the people do not want to see tributes to die so quickly. The best example of this is the death of Cato at the end of the novel.

The importance of appearances in The Novel The Hunger Games PDF

Physical appearances are also a vital part of the story as to how the team of Katniss focuses on her outlook, even including the way she behaves.

She also avoids crying in front of the camera in the opening ceremony because she does not want to present herself weak in front of people. Katniss’s preparations for the opening ceremony are emphasized. The first item of the focus was the dress of Cinna, which she creates for Katniss. The tears which Katniss sheds try to hide, as self-pitying tributes are unattractive to the sponsors. So, the most critical and significant part of the novel is the behaviors and appearances of tributes.

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