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Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF Download 2020 [Latest]

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF is a supplement for the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons-the world’s largest role-playing game. It was published on 15 November 2017 by Wizards of the coast. This book has an authority to explore a wealth of new rules, option for players, and Dungeon Masters.

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF Chapters

It has 3 chapters, and then Appendix A and B. Chapter 1 is all the character options, chapter 2 Dungeon’s master tools, and chapter 3 named Spells.

Xanathar’s guide to everything PDF– Summary

This book is worth picking up and DMs for the additional character options. As we open up the introduction page we have Xanathar and its Goldfish with little notes flavor from Xanathar himself. The introduction speaks for the purpose of the book, what’s this book for? Basically it is just an extra aid for players and Dungeon Master’s, a lot of it is based on Unearthed Arcana. The authors refined it based on the feedbacks they’ve gotten from people and released in this book. Now there is quite a lot of new stuff that never showed up. The art throughout the book adds to its beauty.

Chapter 1: Character Options

As we get into first chapter we can see the subclasses. The descriptions allows to expand what we have already in the core rules. There is a bit of background stuff for each class like what is the heraldic sign of your fighter, who is your instructor and what is your sign style etc. These things are just for flavor they do not make any mechanical difference. There are also pictures of four rougish archetypes which are swashbuckler, mastermind, inquisitive and scout. There are a lot backstory stuff role tables for figuring out a more detailed backstory than what the backgrounds in 5th edition will give you. Here the emphasis is on ideas not on rules. The inclusion of lot of stuff for players is really nice here. We have not seen all that many books that are useful for D&D players.

Chapter 2: Dungeon Master’s tool

In chapter 2 the Dungeon master’s tools section we get a lot of rule clarification and rules expansions. This version is providing a clarification for the things that were easily exploited or ruled inconsistently. It is providing some additional rules to help make them a little more attractive in terms of players pursuing them.

Introducing new rules helps in enhancing the game and simulation. Here are also some things like two proficiencies that were not impactful in the core rules. The detailed section on tools and skills let people know about the usage of skills and tools dexterly.

Xanathar’s guide to Everything feats

The stuff on spell casting reveals how can players perceive or can possibly identify a spell that has been cast. Then there’s a section of encounter building.

  • The table for random encounters are broken down by terrain or environment.
  • There is a huge variety of 2D 10 merfolk and a wide variety of options for encounters.

Not all of these encounters have to be combat encounters but actually a lot of them could be role-playing encounters and we might require some thinking outside the box.

How to Use Traps?

  • The traps portion let us know about the rules of designing simple traps and also it emphasizes why we should not overuse traps.

We should not use traps constantly so use them few and far between. Also we have some complex traps here which can help in boss encounter for instance the poisoned tempest trap. Downtime rules in unearthed arcana is much appreciated as downtown activity is a big game changer.

While running a campaign considering how you do downtime can really make a big impact because the game is much more than just a combat, it tell us so much about developing a character. Furthermore are religious services, relaxation, research and magic which can make difference in long term campaign.

Interesting Magic Items & Mystery Key

The magic items are not much developed in this edition, they put less emphasis on magic items. The common magic items are not mechanically powerful but are interesting. One of the interesting item is the Mystery Key “The key is a 5% chance of unlocking any lock which it’s inserted. Once, it unlocks something the key disappears”. The magic items are compiled in magic item tables which are broken down into sections like a section on Wands, a section on armour, section on magical weapons, section on magical rings and so on. This section expands the tool proficiencies, spell casting, encounter building and traps.

Chapter 3: Spells

The chapter 3 Spells expands the spell lists where we got a bunch of spells for each class and they are organized in the same manner as they are in the player’s handbook. We can found each class’s spells full list with additional spells organized by level along with their descriptions in alphabetical order. The spells are very useful in combat and also mechanically they are useful. Tiny servant is interesting we can make an inanimate object into this tiny servant.

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF Free Download

Next is Appendix A which is all about shared campaign. It talks about how we can have rotating DMS and players rotating in as well.

Appendix B has character names broken down by race. Some of them have a clan name for example Dragonborn clan or some of them have elf child for example dwarven clan. The human names are broken down into real world nationalities for instance German, Arabic, and Chinese etc. This makes generating a character for a first time player or even easier.

Conclusion Dungeons And Dragons Xanathar’s Guide To Everything PDF

The layout of the book and the charts are just well placed. This provides a much faster path in filling characters backstory or at least provides you with enough starting points to round them out with greater ease. The new charts and game creating help it provides for DM’s, this book is fantastic tool for both players and DM’s. Also they have added a nice flavor to the standard character archetypes. To wrap up Xanathar’s guide to everything really delivers in a major way and it takes a lot of best stuff from unearthed arcana which can help players a lot.

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